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It's Always Now, 2018, site-specific installation, clothes, carpet padding, wire, wood
Ghost, 2017, plastic bags, and toilet paper/paper towel tubes.
The materials themselves are debris of everyday life. The materials have been strung and hung from the ceiling of the second floor and continue into the downstairs through a hole cut in the floor. They are installed in front of what was once the kitchen cabinets, all that is left now is what remains of the walls and layers of old wall paper telling the history of the house like ghost prints.
Heart, 2017, bed sheets, table clothes, blankets, curtains, and towels encasing chimney. The chimney is the heart of a home; where the warmth is produced. The specific items are materials used to create a home. These items have been used for their original purpose and showed wear; it was time they moved on to become something more. This connects the materials to the life of the house at 5804 Hosmer. It has been used for its intended purpose, a home, and it is now time for it to move on.
Man Versus Nature, 2016, plastic bags, garbage, branches
For Rooms to Let 2016, I made an installation that curls around the outside of the garage. I collected the materials from the yard of the home and the adjacent empty lot. The installation includes old branches, plastic bags, and garbage. The installation is growing, enveloping, becoming one with the property itself. The outside nature is taking over and transforming the garbage left randomly on the site.



Paper Versus Plastic, 2015, plastic bags, toilet paper tubes, acrylic, latex paint
Location: Slavic Village, OH, Rooms To Let 2015.
For the installation Plastic, the plastic bags have been sorted by color and stapled to the wall. I allowed the plastic bags to become the paint because of the variety of colors they already possessed and the tactile interest of the material; each bag becomes a brushstroke. I grouped the colors together and loosely followed the pattern of stripes; a common structure used in the history of painting.
For the installation Paper, the cardboard rolls were placed together in comb like structures, painted and suspended from the ceiling. I suspended them from the ceiling to be a surprise and get the viewer to look at an often unnoticed part of the room. Visually it resembles a wasp nest. possess both beauty and danger.
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